At Jackson County Humane Society, our volunteers are the heart and soul of our mission. Your dedication and compassion play a vital role in the lives of the dogs we care for. Join us in making a difference and experience the joy of helping abandoned animals find their forever homes.


Be a part of our fundraising efforts by organizing events, reaching out to donors, and contributing to campaigns that ensure our dogs receive the care they deserve.


Provide a temporary home for a dog in need. Fostering is a crucial step in their journey to finding a permanent, loving family.

Dog Care

Spend quality time with our dogs, providing them with companionship, playtime, and love. Your presence helps them feel more comfortable and ready for their forever families.

  • Grooming and Bathing: Help keep our dogs looking and feeling their best by assisting with grooming and bathing sessions.

  • Adoption Events: Assist us during adoption events and help potential adopters learn about our dogs. Your enthusiasm and knowledge can help connect dogs with their perfect families.

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering at Jackson County Humane Society goes beyond lending a helping hand to abandoned dogs – it’s a transformative experience that enriches your life in countless ways. As you dedicate your time and effort to our mission, you’ll find that the benefits you receive are as rewarding as the impact you make on our furry friends.
  • Making a Tangible Difference:
    Volunteering allows you to directly contribute to the well-being and happiness of abandoned dogs. Your efforts provide comfort, care, and a second chance at life for these animals who have faced adversity.
  • Building Unbreakable Bonds:
    The connections you forge with the dogs and fellow volunteers are truly special. The genuine interactions and relationships you develop create a sense of camaraderie and belonging that can last a lifetime.
  • Learning and Growth:
    Volunteering exposes you to a variety of experiences and skills. From understanding dog behavior to learning about shelter operations, you’ll gain insights that can be applied to other aspects of your life.
  • Stress Relief and Well-Being:
    Spending time with dogs has been shown to reduce stress and promote emotional well-being. The joy and affection they offer can provide a welcome escape from the demands of daily life.
  • Networking and Social Connections:
    Volunteering brings you together with like-minded individuals who share your passion for animals. This fosters a supportive network of friends who share common interests.
  • Creating Memories:
    The memories you create during your time volunteering, whether it’s a playful moment with a dog or a successful adoption event, become cherished stories you’ll carry with you.
By becoming a volunteer at Jackson County Humane Society, you’re not only changing the lives of abandoned dogs – you’re enriching your own life in ways you may not have imagined. Join us today and embark on a journey of growth, fulfillment, and shared compassion.

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